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Comments on Marriage Enrichment 2009 with Pastor Bynoe. Comments (6)

1. Dear Pastor and Lady Bynoe,
Again, thank you for spearheading such a powerful and much needed marital conference for the body of Christ. I cannot express to you both enough how much we all needed this enrichment. I have to tell you both form the bottom of our hearts how this has changed both of our lives and the way we view marriage, each other and our roles in the marriage covenant.
Per my husband Bro. xxxx I quote (This conference is the best conference I've ever gone to in my life and in 14 years of
being in church. It has made me fall in love with you all over again and even more than I ever was before).
Speaking from my perspective being a Reverend and a wife who has counseled couples in trouble in their marriages for over 10 years. I believe that 90% of Christian marriages that have ended in divorce could be saved with the information we received over these past 3 days in the conference. Although I've been single a lot longer than I've been married I have closely watched Christian marriages in the church over the past 23 years since I've been saved, in church and in
ministry bypass the world's statistics and get divorced before ever obtaining info like we received which could have saved their marriages. I believe if we would have more ministries partnering up together to have great orators such as Pastor Hurt, you mentor the Pastor please forgive me from Caleb Ministries his name escapes my mind right now and Pastors T.C. and Lady Brantley; we would see a major decline in the divorce rate in the church as a whole. Keep up the excellent work, we stand by your vision and appreciate the gift of God in you both Pastor and Lady Bynoe.

Evangelist Rxxxxx


Good Morning Pastor Monty and First Lady Stella, I have to let you both know me and my Husband had a winderful time on Saturday and we are so glad we came to the marriage Luncheon it was awespme, we are so looking
forward to next year. My husband had such a good time and we both learn so much from other couples it was just wonderful I have already been telling other Couples they have to come to it next year it was so awesome.
me and my husband have been honeymooning all weekend , lol please if there is anything I can do for you al please let me know
Love you both,


3. Hi Pastor,

We wanted to let you know that the conference was excellent!!
All the Pastors gave a lot of insight on the purpose of Marriage and how
to improve on our current situation and learn how to deal with problems
and disagreements in a healthy way; and that it is a necessity that
Christian couples continue to glorify god to have a stronger
relationship and better understanding with each other.

Pastor Brantley and Pastor Lagatta both did an "excellent "
workshop on Saturday and the Q&A session they did together was very

Hxx & Dxx

4. Subject: Quote about the marriage conf

Hi Lady B! Here's our quote. The Brantleys can have this quote
and can adjust it however they like and it's OK if they need/want to use
our name.

"We're so glad we attended Marriage Enrichment 2009 at The
Tabernacle of Praise (TTOP) this weekend. TC Brantley, his wife and
other speakers were so down to earth and raw when talking about real
issues married people face. Married, engaged or single there was
something for everyone to learn about what it takes to get their next
level in their marriage and as a person. We're definitely going to the
next Marriage Enrichment event!"

-Henry and Sharon Brewster

5. Lxx Mxxx commented on your status:

"Almost a week later my husband and I are still talking about
the marriage enrichment conference! It was a very powerful experience
for both of us. It was great being able to fellowship with other married

6. Blessings Pastor,

I had to drop you a note of thank you and God bless you and elect lady for the ministry that was birthed out of you for the concern of the family especially marriage.

My husband and I heard you minister at Pastor Bynoe's in Randolph MA.

We could not stop talking about the word you gave. It encouraged, inspired, restored, helped the whole nine. 

We wanted to be there saturday morning, but had to baby sit lol, however my sister told me it was off the charts and it was recorded so we will be purchasing both friday and saturday.

Again Man of God blessings upon you

Prayerfully we will stop by to visit your ministry. 

Evangelist Shandolyn Wilson


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