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June 1, 2009

Thank you for the good advice for Saturday for when (my husband) got home from his side job. At first (my husband) was like, nice advice but we don't have to do it because Pastor says to (I guess he didn't want it scheduled or planned for him). He said just the steak dinner would be good. But I did it and it went very nice. He even thanked me the next night and said you had good advice and we agreed to do it more often.

I can't thank you enough for all you've done for us. You really are an expert in tackling issues head on and pulling back when needing to. We tried regular counseling years ago and he was just doing it to appease me because he was caught and it didn't help us accomplish anything. I know I never would have gotten him to go to you if he hadn't heard you on the radio. That is such a good positive venue for you to get your word out. He really listens to you like he's never listenened to anyone before, even his father.

We even went to a Retrovaille Marraige seminar (Catholic marraige seminar) many years ago and he used some of the techniques for a few weeks (all while still keeping his extracurricular bar activities), then he was caught with yet another woman within 3 weeks. So I thought we had become close utilizing the techniques but he was just going through the motions. I haven't even told you about every affair/indiscretion/arrest/STDs he had or one night stands out til 5 or 6 in the morning every 3 months like clockwork, which I noted happened more in the spring time. He truly was a married man living a single life.

I'm seeing great positive changes in him and us. I almost feel like its not real because other times he has maybe stopped going out for a week or two then it was back to old habits. But this has lasted two months and I'm praying that it becomes his new habit. I am hopeful whereas before I would have just said "when will this effort end" and it usually did within a week, in fact in the past few years he didn't even bother at all. Part of me wonders is he at home more now because he's worried I may not be, but I'm trying to be positive and put that out of my mind, especially since its been two months. I now realize that we can have a great marraige if we both work at it.

Thanks for everything you do,

(Letter from Strong Marriage Client)

4 Stars- December 13, 2008 - Jason

I endorse Pastor T.C

First and foremost, I have to say i was never one to believe in counseling in any way shape or  form. I thought these "SO CALLED EXPERTS" were full of it. The few times that I’ve had to go and see one for different reason's through out my life whether it was from seeing one when my parents were going through their divorce, to having to see one during my custody battle for my daughter. To me they never told me anything constructive to help with the situation.

That is until I met Pastor T.C!!!! Now I will admit I was VERY skeptic to even give him a shot! But he is UNBELIEVABLE. His approach is different in every way. From the way, he talks to his overall advice and even the environment. I was a little worried...i was saying to myself "ah man I’m going to a church and speaking with a pastor i could only imagine how im gonna hear it" I was totally wrong!!!!

For those who may read this or those looking for help and someone to talk to...Pastor T.C is that person. He has helped my wife and I soooo much in such a little time that i would like to publicly thank him for his time and advice. My wife and i love each other more then any words can say. Our only problem was our different issue on raising our kids. We have a blended family and for a long time we would bump heads on this one issue. Long story short problem was solved when we met with the Pastor. He gave us tools and a different way to look at the problem and solve it.

And for this i would like to thank you Pastor T.C


4 Stars- December 09, 2008 - Goviana


My husband and I have a blended family. We each have a child from a previous relationship. We could not agree with each other regarding parenting styles. My husband would disagree with the way I would handle my son, and in turn I would disagree with the way he handled his daughter. Our arguments were at least three, four times a week. We had reached a point of separation, several times. I called pastor T.C. and scheduled a session. My husband did not agree with us going, but he went. The first session was an eye opener. We did not realize how much our past and upbringing affects our life and how we handle relationships. From that very first session, we started seeing an improvement. Pastor T.C. is thorough in every aspect. He is visual, realistic, down to earth, and interactive. Used examples of his own life, which was comforting. He took both views in to account, and did not single us out. He is flexible with scheduling appointments, and his fees are affordable. I would rate Pastor T.C. services five star.